Vegan Activism

Never Lose Sight….

All too often I have witnessed vegans who'll play the "I know better than you" card. Or will insinuate another vegan isn't vegan enough. Or that theu are 110% vegan. Anything less is not enough..... I have a message for you...this isn't about you or who is the best vegan. This is about the animals… Continue reading Never Lose Sight….

Vegan Activism

I Found This Cushion And This Happened…

Whilst in town yesterday I popped into Cats Protection charity shop. Now I wasn't intending to do any activism, but due to a purchase I found myself doing so.... Meet Eve the cow. I fell in love with her beautiful face and just had to buy the cushion! I've called her Eve because it's Hebrew… Continue reading I Found This Cushion And This Happened…


Muscular pigs in Cambodia raise false concerns about GMO technology, safety

One of the greatest and frankly horrific things in modern farming is the alteration of various animals to make the bigger, produce more milk, eggs or wool. Chickens and pigs that can barely stand, let alone walk because their bodies are to big for their frame to carry...


Coconut Oil: The All-Purpose Beauty Product?

Today I want to talk about coconut oil! I know I’m late to the party when it comes to the obsession with coconut oil, but I’ve been absolutely loving coconut oil as of several months ago, and I’ve been using it for just about everything beauty related! Today, I thought I would discuss some of… Continue reading Coconut Oil: The All-Purpose Beauty Product?